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Governor General, Sir Elliott Belgrave looks on as Prime Minister Freundel Stuart takes the Oath of Office at Government House yesterday morning. Witnessing the ceremony were (from left) the Governor Generalís acting Private Secretary Mary Sandiford (partially hidden); Cabinet Secretary Keith Franklyn; and Clerk of Parliament Pedro Eastmond.


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Freundel Stuart sworn in as Prime Minister


Just hours after leading the Democratic Labour Party to a narrow victory in the 2013 General Election, Freundel Jerome Stuart was sworn in as Prime Minister by Governor General, Sir Elliott Belgrave, in a small ceremony at Government House.

Present for the ceremony were the Governor Generalís acting Private Secretary Mary Sandiford; Cabinet Secretary Keith Franklyn; Clerk of Parliament Pedro Eastmond and Deputy Clerk of Parliament Nigel Jones.

Stuart has kept faith in St. Philip South parliamentary representative, Adriel Dermont Brathwaite, who will continue in the post of Attorney General. Brathwaite faced stiff opposition from former MP Anthony Wood before finally coming out on top 3 514 to Woodís 3 114.

In Stuartís constituency of St. Michael South, he handily defeated Noel Lynch by a massive margin of 1 246 votes. Stuart received 2 705 votes while Lynch received 1 459 votes.

Three ministers in the previous Cabinet, Dr. Esther Byer-Suckoo, George Hutson and Patrick Todd, lost their seats in Thursdayís election. This could mean changes to the composition of Stuartís new Cabinet, which he is expected to reveal next week. (PG)

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